Oh, sugar!

About a month and a half ago, after having consumed just a bit too much sugar (it wasn't even a lot!), I felt terrible. Sluggish, headachey, I just wanted to take a nap. In that very instant, I made the momentous decision to give up sugar temporarily. Yes, I confess shamefacedly, I became one of those people. (I wasn't smug about it! But still, I'm sorry.)

Now coffee, one of the main pleasures in my life, tastes absolutely disgusting.

Anyhow... the past few days, I've had a cold and have been popping candy for my throat, right and left. I decided... since I'm almost better and I intend to go to work tomorrow... why not surprise my co-workers with some home-made sticky, syrupy mini-cinnamon rolls? And since I'm ingesting all this candy for my throat, would it really be bad if I had a mini-cinnamon roll or three? (Ok, it was four.)


I remember why I gave up sugar in the first place.

I'm giving it up anew as of this moment.