I HATE daylight savings

Attempting to recruit people to join me for a 3-hour Friday morning self-defense seminar, I first approached my wise friend and colleague, Maria. Maria's immediate and very pertinent response was: "You know it's doesn't really start at 9:00, it actually starts at 8:00." (I had completely forgotten about daylight savings. But Maria is a mother. She thinks of these things.) 

This dampened my enthusiasm considerably. Wake up early on a Friday morning... on purpose?!?

Nevertheless, I soldiered on, determined to make the sacrifice. I set my watch back an hour before I went to sleep, and set my alarm accordingly, giving myself an hour and a half to get ready.

Except... I somehow overcompensated by an extra hour.

So at 7:30, new time (instead of 8:30, new time), feeling virtuous but only halfway lucid, I was all set to leave. Only, I happened to glance at the clock by my entrance. It read 6:30 (unchanged from yesterday) and I realized: While daylight savings stole an hour of sleep from me, I somehow managed to steal another hour from myself.


I'm going to nap for half an hour.