My neighbor, Miriam

This is not actually Miriam, though there is a resemblance.

As I was leaving my apartment this morning, I ran into Miriam, my very spry 85 year-old neighbor. (I had trouble remembering my neighbors' names until the realization hit me: all 3 women on my floor are called Miriam - I'm the only one with an exotic name - and now I only need to remember that one name.)

Miriam is very lovely; she's also deaf. Even with her hearing aid in, she doesn't usually hear me. (I also forget that I need to speak VERY LOUDLY, WHEN SPEAKING TO HER.)

Miriam: "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in so long!"

Me: "I've been sick for a while."

Miriam: "Oh, that's wonderful, wonderful!" (I smiled) "Well, come and knock on my door someday soon!"

I nodded and smiled a big smile and wished her a good day.