"Good-bye" cake

Carrot cake, after

We have a really lovely, heartwarming tradition at work. Whenever someone joins our staff, or leaves our staff, we buy a cake for them. (If it's your birthday, though, you bring your own.) Our regular staff has been around for years, but we have a bit of a turnover of volunteers coming and going a few times a year, and we do end up eating quite a bit of cake.

One of our volunteers, a close friend of mine, was leaving, so I offered to bake a cake instead of buying one. Her choice: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. You can see the final product in the picture above.

This is what it looked like, however, when I popped it out of the cake mold: 

Carrot cake, before

Who else do you know would bake a spoon into a cake? 

The horrible thing: I'm not all that surprised.