Bake it yourself

Those lines in the background? Light rail tracks. This is the precise spot I'm writing about (viewed from inside the spice shop).

If you've ever passed by the shuk and noticed shuk bakery workers pushing carts over the light rail tracks, and wondered to yourself whether the violent motion of going over the tracks might possibly cause some of the baked goods to fly off the cart and onto the ground...

Then the answer you are looking for is: Yes. 

If you then wondered what might be the fate of that baked good (in this case, a pita), after having fallen on the ground, it might not surprise you to learn that said baked good would be picked up and placed back with its brothers, then patted gingerly back into place, as if to stay "Now you stay there!"...

And the bakery worker will push his cart onward, and go on his merry way.

I've seen similar occurrences in supermarkets and expensive bakeries - in Israel; I don't know what would happen in Canada.

Moral of the story: if you want to be sure your bread hasn't fallen on the floor... bake it yourself.