The effect of Passover on the human brain

Passover ended a few days ago, the implication being that I've been without bread for over a week and a half. (I'm mentioning this now so as not to appear completely unhinged.)

Shortly before I left work today, one of our regular, more eccentric (and that's saying something!) library users stopped by, and brought a friend with him, a Ph.D. student of philosophy. We chatted for a little while, and then it was time for me to leave.

Walking home, I contemplated this recent interaction:

Philosophy... Ten years ago, I would have thought it was less than completely useless, but now I can see how - in moderation - it can have some value.

And then I recalled the response a friend of mine had had upon encountering the student of a similar topic (I think it was poetry... and yes, it's really all the same to me), namely: "How's that going to put bread on the table?"

... and then consciousness receded into oblivion, as my entire being refocused itself on ONE THOUGHT:



And then:
Going to buy BREAD! (reverberating in a mantra inside my head)

It was quite a tragic thing for me to discover that although it had already been a few days since Passover had ended (and the baker had promised me!), they still didn't have the kind I wanted.

This is the bread I awaited anxiously.