Never a dull moment...

Yesterday, I joined some of my beloved coworkers and a particularly entertaining friend of theirs for lunch. My coworkers' friend, A., brought up the matter of the more eccentric Israel-loving Christians who come to Israel, and their occasionally odd customs. These well-meaning people tend to be so enamored of Israel and of Jews that they take things just a little bit too far, adopting various ceremonial biblical practices and bastardizing them. 

One wine vendor had noticed some of these eccentricities and asked A. about it: "Why are all these foreigners buying shofars and blowing them all the time?!? We blow them twice, and then that's it for the year!" (Well spotted, wine vendor, and good question.)

A. also mentioned the multitude of foreign Christian women walking around Jerusalem in white wedding gowns (they are "married to the Lord") and pondered the impression this must leave with the average Israeli. (He's not wrong to be concerned about this.)

Naturally, I thought to myself... Where are these women, and why haven't I seen them?!?

Well... I wasn't disappointed for long!

Today, I was sitting at my desk and a woman I'd never seen before, dressed in a white satin top and a long white satin skirt (her white wedding attire was sadly marred by a colored sweater), walked into our building and asked to use the library. (No one who's worked here for any length of time would have been surprised that our library was her destination.)

I was very gratified.

Ah... Jerusalem... Jerusalem... 

Thank you for the constant entertainment.


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