Bad behavior

man holding cell phone while driving
Public Service Announcement:
This traffic infraction is punishable by a fine of 1000 NIS.

As previously mentioned in this space, my dad has been volunteering with the traffic police for about a decade. And as recorded here, the traffic police have devised a particularly successful sting operation in which they are still engaged. (To sum up, a policeman in civilian clothes stands at the traffic island of a big junction - for hours - and at the first sight of an infraction, he radios ahead to the policemen laying in wait up ahead, hidden from sight. Simple... but effective.)

The policemen seem to get a real kick out of their undercover wardrobe possibilities (the most infamous of them being the leopard print leggings and red jacket), and this particular day was no different. The policeman in question stood at his post, bright orange hat atop his head. Upon spotting a driver holding his cellphone (note: not "using", not "looking down at"; just "holding"), he radioed the concealed police car up ahead. My dad and his partner happened to be the policemen on duty. They waved the car over and wrote out the 1000 NIS fine, which the driver did not take well.

He stormed and yelled and tantrum-ed:

"You're taking money away from my business!... You're damaging my living!... You're taking bread out of the mouths of my children!"

... And with that, he hurled his phone violently at the road.

Without saying a word, my father bent down and picked it up. He examined it surreptitiously to assess the damage (not a scratch) and then handed it back to the driver, silently.

The man took the phone, called someone, and then drove off.


To answer your first question (and my dad's!):

To answer my first question:
Moroccan, according to his last name (I knew it!)
And now you understand his behavior.*

* Elucidation for my non-Israeli readers: Moroccans have the reputation of being among the most hot-tempered of Israelis.