"And this is for you..."

Two bars of Toblerone chocolate atop a piece of luggage


My father just returned from a short trip to Germany.

After settling in, he unzipped his carry-on and presented us with a couple of big Toblerone bars:

"Here, I thought you would like this."

Toblerone with salted caramelized almonds! 
The man knows the way to our eternal allegiance.

Next, he took out a white and gold-polka-dotted plastic bag, and with a flourish, offered it to my mother:

"And this is for you."

She took the bag gingerly, an expectant look on her face, opened it... and burst out laughing.

"Laundry?" I asked. (I know my father).

"Yes! And I thought he'd bought me something special!" Still laughing. 

My mother is a great sport.