Searching for chocolate


chocolate croissant dessert

I'm in Ashdod. My uncle (my dad's younger brother) is visiting us from Montreal. My dad and his brother have just returned from a Mediterranean cruise and we're celebrating their homecoming with watermelon and pastries.

As we enjoy our summer treats, the topic of chocolate comes up. And suddenly my mother is turning the kitchen upside down in an attempt to recover her favorite chocolate because she wants to introduce it to my uncle (Tony Chocolonely dark chocolate with salt and almonds, in case you were wondering).

Why must she turn the kitchen upside down?

Glad you asked.

My mom hides chocolate in faraway places, to make it harder to get at.

Only now she can't remember where she hid it.

As we listen to the sound of her opening and closing cupboards, I tell my uncle that I do the same thing. And that every so often, I'll rediscover chocolate that I'd ferreted away 3 years earlier.

My uncle chimes in, "Yeah, me too! I hide food from myself so that I won't be tempted by it. And then I forget about it."

"No, no," I tell him, "You don't understand. I don't hide the chocolate from myself. I hide the chocolate from my mother."