Angrier and less forgiving

Last week on my way to work, I stopped off at the shuk to buy a gigantic cantaloupe. It weighed a good 5-6 kilos at least, no exaggeration, and I lugged it the rest of the way (700 meters), cradling it in my arms. I placed it on the kitchen counter to ripen, checked on it impatiently a few times a day, and after precisely 2 and one half days, it was fragrant and ripe and perfect and I put it in the fridge, intending to cut into it the following Sunday. 

Sunday morning, I open the fridge door: no cantaloupe!!! 
One of the churches/congregations that has access to our kitchen on weekends must have taken it and eaten it.

Was this the culprit?

After all that effort, I was incensed. 

This is how I chose to handle it:

Posted on our fridge at work. Periodically,  newcomers notice it and crack up. And I tell them the story.