I think it's a guy thing

My dad and I installed ipe deck tiles on my balcony last Friday. The inner tiles took us all of an hour or two... But then we needed to do the borders, which involved cutting the deck tiles with a mitre saw. It was noisy, saw-dusty, and there was a sudden, violent, startlingly loud racket every time a tile broke unexpectedly and prematurely. 

When we only got about 4 border tiles done in an hour (ipe is one of the hardest, densest woods and notoriously difficult to cut), I suggested we just mark the cuts we need to make and I'd take them to a carpenter. My dad turned to me, offended, and gave me a look that indicated he thought I'd taken leave of all my senses. 

"You want to rob me of all my fun?!?" he asked, accusatorially.

(He was dead serious!)

I think it's a guy thing.