I do not know in which country this was taken, but these people are clearly Israeli tourists, as they did not read the English. (Not "could not"; "did not".)

Below you can see promotional pictures which some truly brilliant PR people took upon themselves to have pasted the length of the fence surrounding the construction site adjacent to my workplace. The building is being put up by an Israeli company (Africa Israel Investments)... built by Muslim Arabs construction workers... mocked-up by an Israeli graphic designer*... and the ad for it contains 2 books entitled "WHITE SUPREMACY" on a shelf.

It's kind of hilarious. 

The very wonderful Alliance Church people at my workplace painstakingly covered all of these with masking tape AND called the contractor... who not only didn't appear to care, but has since put up new fences, complete with the very same promotional pictures.

Only in Israel.

 This can be safely assumed by the fact that Israelis don't read English text. Not "can't"; "don't".