How to Bake Banana Bread... (my way)

Instructions for making a juicy banana bread:

First, decide to wash the floor since the dust from outside has been crunching under your feet, even though you vacuumed yesterday. 

Prepare the batter, mixing the dry ingredients first, then mixing the wet ingredients separately, with an immersion blender. 

Keep your finger on the button of the blender just a little too long as you unintentionally lift it out of the mixture. 

Spatter wet ingredients on the newly washed floor. Make sure you don't neglect to also spatter the housecoat you decided not to throw in the wash earlier this morning since it wasn't actually dirty. Now it is. 

Mix the dry and wet ingredients together. Put the banana bread in the oven. 

Decide to do another wash, since now with the housecoat you have enough to warrant doing another load.
Wash the floor. (Again.)

I wish I were kidding.

On the bright side, this was one of the better banana breads I've baked and my colleagues raved ("It's juicy!"). Here's the recipe. I doubled the salt, added nutmeg and almond extract, and drizzled in some salted caramel sauce that I had on hand. Fortunately no mishaps with the salted caramel sauce... this time.