Our cities are shut down and we're on lockdown, or I would be celebrating the Passover seder with my parents in Ashdod. Instead, however, I am stranded in Jerusalem - granted, in a beautiful apartment with no one underfoot - and we just completed a mini-seder over WhatsApp. 

My parents sent over a couple of pictures. 

The first:

my dad being silly, sitting at the table while wearing a mask because of the coronavirus

The ongoing battle to get my dad to smile in pictures:

We always try to get my dad to smile in pictures. And he always refuses. My dad thinks he has a crooked smile so he adopts a serious face whenever photographed. Personally, I think crooked smiles are THE BEST. Anyhow, my mom took this picture and she claims that he's finally smiling behind the mask. ("I can tell by his eyes.")

Knowing how much my dad enjoys trying to make us laugh (putting on the mask and waiting for my mom to notice, in this particular instance), he may very well be smiling.

cat sitting in seat at the Passover seder table

At some point, my dad got up and went into the kitchen to bring some food - he'd cooked most of it, under my mom's supervision - and when he returned, his seat was occupied.

Pictured above is my beautiful baby, Charlie. He's 15 and a bit of a crotchety old man, but he'll always be my baby.

Wishing everyone a happy Passover.