Going bananas

big bunch of bananas on yellow background
Picture courtesy of Aleksandar Pasaric/Unsplash

I feel like I can laugh at my stupidity because, though I exhibit it more often than I'd like, I do have enough wins in life.

So here's another "Jennifer story"...


Everyone was panicking at the whole "Will we be homebound? Will there be enough food?"
So I bought bananas.

I don't particularly like bananas... but that was the fruit they had in abundance in the mini-market three doors down.

And the next time I went to the mini-market, I bought more bananas. 

And of course, the next time I went to the mini-market, I bought even more bananas. 

(At this point, my banana collection was probably around 15-20 bananas.)

I ate one banana and it was mushy, so I did not eat any more bananas.

Days went by and the bananas did what bananas do... they got black. And bizarrely, they attracted teeny, tiny jumping/flying ants which overran my kitchen. Fruit flies, you might expect. But jumping ants?

To get rid of the ants, I put the bananas in the fridge. And to get rid of some bananas, I decided to make banana bread. (That, I do like!)

sliced banana bread on a plate with bananas in the background
Picture courtesy of Jeff Siepman/Unsplash

I made the batter, which, I noticed, was thicker than usual, and put it in the oven.

Five minutes later, I realized I'd forgotten the buttermilk. 

The cake had started to rise, or I would have tried to mix it in anyhow. 

Because there wasn't enough liquid, the baking time was less, but I wasn't sure by how much. 

So needless to say, I burned the cake. 

I burned the bottom of the cake. I burned the top of the cake.
But the inside was delicious!

I just finished the last piece.

I'm going to make it again. 

And now I'm sitting here, trying to decide how to make it. 

With or without the buttermilk?