How to Make Brown Butter

melted butter in frying pan

I have documented my previous kitchen escapades here, here and here. And trust me, there are many more undocumented kitchen stories I will be taking to my grave.

On a recent day off, I was puttering around the apartment a bit distractedly, multitasking through my various household chores. Around lunchtime, I realized I was hungry, and I decided to make some scrambled eggs...

And that was how I made the following discovery: brown butter is delicious. 

Here's my recipe for it.

How to make brown butter:

1) Put butter in pan and set to a high heat.

2) Promptly forget about butter (I don't know how you will manage that, but somehow I did) and go do laundry.

3) Strip bed and put sheets in the washing machine.

4) Walk back into hallway and wonder what that wonderful smell is, and from which neighbor's house it is emanating.

5) Wander back into the kitchen to empty a bag into the garbage, and let your gaze fall upon the stove. 

6) Discover brown blobs on your pan. 

Congratulations! You've made brown butter!


Erring on the side of adventure rather than caution, I reasoned that what smelled so good couldn't possibly taste bad. And so, despite the unappealing appearance of the brown butter, I used it to fry my eggs. They were delicious.